Thursday, 12 June 2008

Having fun with my Pampered Chef Medium Bar Pan

Put into the oven cold - (no pre-heating or anything)
Now if you're not IPD'ng you could add a Yorkshire pudding batter mix to this and it would make the best toad in the hole you ever did taste...however..

if you don't eat pud....wait 35 minutes and this is what you get...delicious!

Will post a photo of the toad in the hole the next time I do it for the kids!


Raquel said...

Lovely, absolutely lovely. I love the ease with which these stoneware pans clean up, don't you?

Tulip said...

Hi Raquel - Not washing them in soapy water was a little strange at first, but I do love them now! - Hot water and a nylon scrapper and they are all clean. I love the way they cook, I made a tray bake in one the other day and it was so good, very even cooking and such a level top that the icing just levelled its self out. I will never cooking in anything else!