Friday, 30 May 2008

Berry Muffins

Some of the fruit was frozen, some was fresh

Cooked it in my stoneware muffin pans
Looking spectacular - straight out of the oven!

Hmmm a little deflated...but they didn't stick!

The last picture isn't berry good (sorry) but I will do them again and retake it. These were very nice....don't like the after taste of splenda so will leave it out next time. If your fruit is really ripe, you shouldn't need it anyway. These were still a little eggy but with a slop of double cream and all was felt like a very indulgent breakfast...great pud too!


Sue said...

blueberry is my DH fav muffin...It's got to be homemade of course because he won't eat them otherwise.
Costco does a really good one...but I've never passed it off as my own home made muffin of couse.
Do I lie like a rug or wot?

Raquel said...

yum, yum, double yum!! Love those muffins!

Marie said...

Would you say they were kind of like fruity omelette cups? They look quite delicious!