Saturday, 5 April 2008

Salmon Rillettes Page 89

This one, upon reading the recipe didn't immediatley take my fancy. However I had promised to cook all the recipes from the book and I I set out to make it. It was simple to make, very easy instructions to follow (as usual)...and the end dish looked ok too!

They had to be chilled before eating but I had a sneaky taste while cooking and Yummo...I was looking foreward to eating them! I didn't have mace so subbed a 50/50 mix of nutmeg and cardamon, the flavours were strong enough to make me want more but subtle enough not to overpower the salmon. Looks like I would normaly want to eat this with a fresh bread roll, which I definately didn't want to do, so I served it in a Oopsie roll.

Bee - another winner...I have total faith in your recipes...I just know they are going to be good even if first I don't fancy them.


Sylvie said...

Julie, that looks delicious. I bet it'd make a wonderful lunchtime treat on a weekend.

My friends call me Tulip said...

It is very very nice, I put mine to an Oopsie roll but Paul had his in a salad box to take to work. Very versatile!