Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Curried Egg Florentine Page 77

Didn't like the sound of this, but I had all the ingredients to do it so I did!!! Oh me, oh my....if I hadn't have done this I would have missed out of such a wonderful dish. Great creamy curry flavour, absolutely love the undertone of coconut, hard boiled eggs - good - spinach - good and the caramelised onions just hit the spot. Paul said he could eat this all night and not get fed up of it, he ate his and wanted to finish mine.
Note to self: eat faster or sit a little further away from him next time.


Marie said...

Now that we have some money in the bank I am going to have to get with the program. This food just looks too delicious to be good for you. Can it be so?

Tulip said...

Marie, Marie, Marie...I gave you the explains everything, a lot of the head stuff probably doesn't count for you either...we gain weight bacause we are (what my children call) 'good cookers!' But this WOE is only a step further than the FDD you did last year. All the fat and cream you mention, isn't really that much, just think how much is in a pudding or piece of cake, or how much you spread on a peice of toast. Read the book, if that doesn't convince you and you need more reasurance, sign up to the forum as see how many people are losing so much weight. I have low carb for nearly 5 years and it works, you've seen the size of me!!!

Magimum said...

I wish I had seen this yesterday-a surfeit of eggs and I could only come up with a fry-up.

Today I've brought the book to work and will be making a list for next week's menu's.

BTW Tulip, I found the poll thing. Thanks


Bee said...

Have I told you recently just how much I love you?? I wonder if you can link to your blog from Amazon..... :D

Tulip said...

Bee you just did and I love you too! ;-)
Hmmmm link to idea, but interesting, very interesting..maybe put the link on my review??