Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fish Cakes for Lunch...page 76...sort of!

I didn't have any crab meat, I didn't have any cooked white fish so I subbed tinned tuna and carried on as if nothing was wrong!!! ½ a batch made 4 decent size fishcakes – I had two for lunch and saved the other two for Paul to pick when he gets in and teas not ready!

Probably not as tasty as Bee’s would have been with the fresh crab and white flaked fish but a blooming good second! Some people have said red peppers are a no-no on Ph1 but this is in the book and it doesn’t say ph2 so I went with it…I made ½ a batch and it was only 1 tablespoon so I guess its ok?
Notice the homemade mayonaise expertly mixed with wholegrain mustard, just like Bee suggests...! (Ha! got to say it again....that's MY homemade mayo!!! not proud of myself or anything!lol)

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