Sunday, 3 February 2008

A Late Lunch - Faux Shepherds Pie with Blue Cheesy Leeks

To celebrate my 14th day, I treated myself to a pre dinner vodka and tonic complete with an ice and a slice!!! After 2 weeks on the wagon, it was like nectar...absolutely bliss, I made it last as I thought it best to restrict myself to just the one....didn't want to get lashed and fight the kids for their Yorkshire puddings.

I made faux sheperds for Paul and myself and the kids had my normal recipe. Bees is much lighter than mine...less fattening too! The cauliflower topping was very different, it was like the lightest mash potato you ever did taste! I sprinkled the top with a little cheese before putting it in to the oven, which added to the oven baked look.

I served it with cheesy leeks and steamed greens.

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