Sunday, 24 February 2008

Chorizo Rapido

I know they say red pepper is too carby for phase 1 but this is listed in the book and doesn't say anything about which phase it is for so I'm going with a little of what you fancy is only 1/2 a small pepper...

I didn't have and manchego cheese so subbed a local french cheese I picked up 'Tomme' Maybe Helen can correct me on the spelling / name of this cheese. Either way it was delicious. Edited to say: (Thanks to Helen from the IPD forum, for putting me straight on the spelling of Tomme cheese...and for the recipe for tartiflette, I will try it with celeriac and post a review)

'Take 5' is slowly becoming my favourite section of the book.


Marie said...

That looks absolutely screen licking good! Great to have you back!!!

Tulip said...

Thanks Marie - I'd like to say its good to be back...but nope I'd rather still be on my holibobs!!