Thursday, 14 February 2008

Basic Quiche - with Salmon & Broccoli...

...sans Broccoli (its still sat in the microwave - I forgot to add it - ok!) lol

This was an interesting recipe to do. I have done a crust-less quiche before but never one with a nut crust. It looked good and the smell was pretty good also. My quiche dish was the same size as Bee’s recommended spring form tin and the recibee says 3 large eggs; it took 4 measly medium ones to fill my tin. She knows what she’s taking about our Bee!!

Cooked it for exactly 35 minutes and Voila!!

I wasn’t too keen on it hot, the base was very crumbly (as the butter was hot) but when it cooled, it held together perfectly and I liked it better that way. Paul thought it was nice either way…it would have been better with the broccoli in it…but hey, I can’t remember EVERYTHING I was also cooking the kids tea at the same time!

Is that homemade mayonaise I can see on the plate??


Marie said...

You're sure getting full use of that lovely mayonnaise you made the other day! Looks absolutely delicious Julie!

Jules said...

Good to see the mayo. It's an interesting crust. Don't worry I'm always forgetting ingredients!