Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sunday with the Davies children

I had Sophie (12) and James (8) stay over while their parents celebrated 15 years of marriage in a lovely country hotel.

For breakfast the children had Hot Cakes with an assortment of toppings.

Me and Paul had fluffy scrambled eggs with grilled thick cut back bacon

For Dinner we had...Pork Chops.

I had 6 pork leg chops in the fridge and was unsure of what to do with them. I did a search and found a recipe for a pork dish with pears and orange juice, I printed it off and went to the kitchen to make it...I managed to sub EVERY ingredient and it still turned out lovely.

Pre heat oven to 190c
Fry the chops in a pan with a little olive oil,
When brown put them in a casserole dish in a single layer.
In the remaining oil cook 1 sliced onion until just colouring,
Added 2 grated apples and cooked for 2 minutes
De glace the pan with a bottle of bud (lager)
Sprinkle with mixed herbs and salt and pepper
Bring to the boil then add to the casserole dish.
Cover and cook for 50 Min's.
When cooked, remove meat and keep warm
Bring juices to the boil and add a little cornflower mixed with water to thicken

I served this with French Potatoes,
red cabbage, [no photo] purple sprouting & fine green beans,
carrots and Spicy Sweet Potatoes.
For dessert we had slices of Victoria sponge and squirty cream, not my choice, but the kids love it. The girls had made fthis for us but there is no didn't last long enough to snap one!


nicisme said...

Lovely pancakes Tulip! Looks like everyone had a great weekend!

Marie said...

I just gained ten pounds . . . and that's without the cake and squirty cream! Looks fabulous!