Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Gran Pails Bunnock

I originally typed that I would write this recipe exactly as it was written by my husband's Gran many moons ago. But my eldest daughter seen a print out of it and went absolutley crazy that I had waited so long for this recipe, which had been handed down the generations and had finaly come to me only for me to post it on the internet for all to see. She has asked me to take it off. She feels so strongly about it that I will remove it.

But if you like the look of the picture and what to try to make it yourself, email me and I will email you the recipe. That way it's not open to all but only a few friends who would like to share it. A compromise!

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Tulip said...

Just to say I am still sending this recipe out to those readers who request it.
The bunnock recipe is to be shared - Eldest daughter is now a Mummy herself and appreciates a shared recipes x