Monday, 21 January 2008

For the kid who won't eat cabbage

Spaghetti carbonara for 1

1 egg
handful of lardons
splash of double cream
3 oz spaghetti
black pepper
handful of parmasan cheese

Cook pasta as per packet instructions.
Cook lardons until crispy, drain on kitchen paper
Beat egg with the cream, parmasan and pepper.
Drain pasta when cooked.
Immediately stir into the sauce mixture, mix to coat all pasta
Return to pan, add cooked lardons (keep off the heat at this stage) and give a quick stir, using the residue heat from the pan to cook the egg. DO NOT OVERCOOK…it turns to scrambled egg – yuck!
If you have done it right, you will end up with a glossy, creamy dish that will be requested time and time again.

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